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C H A O Z Z @ W O R K

hello and welcome to my personal page..
this page is about me, chaozz, and the stuff i make on my computer. things you could expect here: my attempts of programming something usefull or funny, a small selection of my selfmade music (from back in the good old 16bit tracker days) and some other things.. everything i offer for download is FREEWARE.

you can always check out my latest webcam shot..
NEWS: 29/02/04 - i installed a download counter

my newest creation is a new version of my tool POP3 Mail Remover. this allowes you to preview unread e-mails and delete the spam *before* you start your regular e-mail client.

i wrote it in VB6, and the code is very fast and slim. if you want to know how it looks like, then view the screenshot.
to download this freeware tool just click the download link (~370kb).

UPDATE: i fine tuned the delete routine (was a bit buggy) and i found a way to distribute my program without a setup file. this makes the total file size about 1/3 smaller.

xFTP -> RightClickFTP

i am working on the revival of yet another old tool of mine called xFTP. this tool let's you send any file from the explorer to an ftp address of your choise, just by right clicking the file.

the development name therefor is now RightClickFTP, or rcFTP in short. i know it sounds lame, but hey.. it's late, and i'm tired..
the old download is down, because basicly, the tool wasn't great. but to give you an idea of the concept, here is the old screenshot


this is a program i wrote for the visitors of my discussionboard, back in the days it wasn't so busy as it is today. with it you can monitor 5 website url's for changes.
just set the interval, and the program will look the page up every xx seconds to see if the page has changed.

i did this tool in VB6 using some little code snipplet from planetsourcecode. what the program actually does is compare the size of each page (number of bytes).

i recently gave the program a facelift, so now it looks like this.
you can find the download here (~131kb).


with some friends i am working on the plan of creating a 2D fighting game in the style of Street Fighter. we are still in the planning fase, so there will be no preview or binaries available for some time. but keep your eyes open on this page.

UPDATE: my brother, who's a jiu jitsu crack, will model for the character moves. together with his digicam that should work out great!


ok, the next thing is a 16 bit application i made using TP7.0. it's called Lemmings@War. it's a turnbased action game inspired by worms and lemmings. and that's basicly the game in a nutshell: lemmings meets worms.

the game has 2 main playing modes: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.. it's a very fun game to play with 2 players, and it features cool sfx and music. it works under DOS and every version of windows. and while i make this bold statement, i realize i have not yet tested it under w2k3 :(

if you wanna see how it looks like, watch the screenshot (nice detail: the car in the level you see was the car of my cousin).
if this has made you want to play the game, just click download (~850kb).

SPACEMAZE, the Empire hikes back

this is the first game i have ever created. i made it using TP7.0 and Raster Master. it had 256 color gfx. in this 2 player game you have to battle each other for diamonds in different mazes. the further you get, the harder the mazes become.

because of the fact that this is my first game ever, it isn't exactly the protocol for fast and clear code. the first version worked under dos, but the music routine would crash in windows. a few years back i desided to dust off the game and make it windows compatible. miracalously i succeeded..

the mazes are packed with weapons, shields, bonusses and hidden walls..just see for yourself.
you can find the game here (~240kb).

TETRiZZ, the ultim.. mega.. thing

i'm not even gonna talk about this. appearently every programmer has some deep hidden urge to prove his programming skills by making.. ... .. a tetris clone. :(

i was on holiday with an ex girlfriend, brought my laptop and TP7.0 and wrote this 'masterpiece'. the only thing it has going for itself are the new shapes that are not in the original tetris version. hee.... big deal!

here's a screenshot.
and here is what appears to be the download (~30kb).

X-PRESSION, Tall B and Elmo

somewhere in 1990 (damn i feel old) my friend Tall B and i (my handle back then was Elmo) started a music crew together. we first called ourselves the Dungeon DJ's, but tracking music in ST3.02 doesn't make you a DJ. so we changed it to X-Pression.

in a period of about 10 years we made a lot of tunes solo and together. i've put online a list of what i consider to be x-pressions greatest..

you can use Winamp 5.0 to play our songs
click here for x-pressions greatest hits (~5070kb)

Tall B and I are still alive, but x-pression is down.. but as we like to say: XP4EVER! :)
special greetings to you my good friend Tall B!

ABOUT chaozz

i am Elmar Wenners, aka chaozz, and i was born and raised in the Netherlands. i got my bachelor degree in Computer Business (bedrijfskundige informatica) in 2002. i now have a job as a programmer/system manager at a foundation in Amsterdam.

i have a lovely girlfriend and a small standalone house in a small village. i love it here. i have two cats named Rambo and Gizmo.

further more i am the webmaster and founder of the following websites:
--with freeware under 1mb in size
--a dutch discussionboard

if you feel the urge to contact me, by all means do.


my specs:
CPU: AMD XP2600, 333 (Barton)
MAINBOARD/CHIPSET: Gigabyte GA7VT600, KT600 chipset
MEMORY: 2x 256Mb DDR3500, CL2 (Kingston HyperX)
HARDDISK(S): 1x80Gb 7200rpm/1x40Gb 7200rpm
GPU: ATi Radeon 9800SE 128mb
CD/DVD: 1xAOpen 50x/1xLiteOn 2x DVD brander
SPEAKERS: US Blaster 2.1 set
MONITOR: NEC MultiSync XP21 21"
MISC: Premodded kast with 2 ccfl's (red and blue) en blue coolerfan

my config looks like this. 1337 aight?

©2004 E. Wenners, chaozz@work (tm)